Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Cross-Border Trade and Business
Asmat-Nizam Abdul-Talib, Norhayati Zakaria, Samshul-Amry Abdul-Latif

Cross-border business transactions have become increasingly important due to new norms of conducting business. Cross-border business has led to the emergence of multiple business opportunities and challenges to various stakeholders. Such global reality cannot simply be ignored; thus, business entities that operate across national borders need to fully employ global business strategies to compete and survive in the dynamic global environment. Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Cross-Border Trade and Business captures a multi-faceted outlook on international business phenomena, particularly when cross-border businesses are severely affected by global crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This book discusses the perspectives of stakeholders from both developed and developing countries as they handled international crises including the COVID-19 pandemic. Covering topics such as knowledge acquisition, internationalization, and small and medium enterprises, this book is an essential resource for business executives, practitioners, policymakers, graduate and post-graduate students of government or business administration, professors, researchers, and academicians.

Business Science Reference
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