Prevention and Management of Soil Erosion and Torrential Floods
Slobodan Milutinović, Snežana Živković

Soil erosion and torrential floods, as destructive processes, have serious implications on the economy, society, and environment. The severity of torrential floods lies in their sudden occurrence and high intensity, and hence, the defense against torrential floods is very complex and demanding. Much remains to be discovered about soil erosion and torrential floods prevention, management, legislation, practices, and solutions worldwide. Thus, a better understanding of various prevention and management developments on soil erosion and torrential floods across different contexts is needed to assess their impact on sustainability, especially in the changed climate conditions. Prevention and Management of Soil Erosion and Torrential Floods investigates the problems of erosion and torrential floods and opportunities for the prevention, management, and control of these destructive processes. It highlights the importance of the prevention and management practices of soil erosion and torrential floods with respect to the exchange of knowledge and best practices. Covering topics such as dam maintenance, wind erosion, and natural disasters, it is ideal for environmentalists, environmental engineers, crisis response specialists, policymakers, government officials, academicians, students, experts, practitioners, and researchers in the fields of soil erosion, torrential flood, environmental protection, sustainable development, engineering, and management.

Engineering Science Reference
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