Career Re-Invention in the Post-Pandemic Era
Shalin Hai-Jew

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity was facing economic hardships with human jobs going to automation, AI, and machines. In the downward slope of the pandemic, large percentages of the world's population are without work, and many are still in isolation and social distancing for biosafety and health. If it is true that crisis brings out opportunities, then this is a highly opportune moment for humanity to redefine and move forward. Career Re-Invention in the Post-Pandemic Era explores how people in their respective localities are adapting for a new economy through new understandings of the world and concomitant reconceptualizations of the self. This work addresses how people are thinking of the present and the near-future, how people are surviving the present moment of sparsity and shortages, and how people are retooling themselves to adapt to a new economy. Covering topics such as digital skills, K-12 education, and entrepreneurship, this book is an essential resource for faculty of higher education, K-12 administrators, government officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, sociologists, economists, researchers, and academicians.

Business Science Reference
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