Attitude and Stance in Discourse
Liliana Ionescu-Ruxăndoiu, Editor, Mihaela-Viorica Constantinescu, Editor, Gabriela Stoica, Editor, Șerban Hartular, Editor

Stancetaking is inherent in verbal communication, as it is connected with the expression of subjectivity and the construction of intersubjectivity in discourse. This book presents theoretical findings in this field and their practical implications, exploring the variations in time and space of meaning negotiation processes in a large variety of communicative forms, including political and judicial discourse, journalism, fiction, private letters, informal conversations, and school debates. Some articles refer to events with a strong impact on social and political life, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or Ceaușescu's trial.The volume's approach is mainly pragma-rhetoric and interactional, but also interdisciplinary, promoting dialogue between stance researchers in different fields. There is a specific focus on possible applications of some key findings of stance research in improving inter-ethnic communication and the teaching of foreign languages, as well as students'communicative abilities.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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