Introduction to Dutch Law
Larissa van den Herik, Ewoud Hondius, Wim Voermans

A standard legal resource since its first edition in 1978, this matchless book has proven itself the ideal overview of Dutch law for foreign lawyers. This Sixth Edition fully updates its systematic description of the legal sources, institutions, and concepts in all major fields of law. Recent developments covered include the progressive implementation of standards set by international conventions, the reorganization of the judiciary, the statute on environmental law, and the (re)codification of private international law. The continuing influence of European law is evident in many fields, perhaps most notably in family law. The various chapters are written by experts – scholars and lawyers – in particular fields, and provide an authoritative overview of each field. The historical sources of Dutch law are discussed, as well as Dutch legal culture, legal philosophy, judicial organization, legal education, and the legal profession. These chapters are followed by introductions to essential issues of private and public law and labour law. The last chapter examines financial law. The only resource of its kind available, this book is unmatched as a thorough guide to further research. It offers practitioners, particularly foreign lawyers, a quick and reliable way into any area of Dutch law that they may be required to research. It will also be of great value to comparatists (especially those studying the influence of European law on national legal systems), scholars, and students. Like previous editions, the Sixth Edition has been prepared under the auspices of the Netherlands Comparative Law Association.

Kluwer Law International
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