Introduction and Application of Organic Fertilizers as Protectors of Our Environment
Munir Ozturk, Editor, Nudrat Aisha Akram, Editor, Bengu Turkyilmaz Unal, Editor, Muhammad Ashraf, Editor

This book gives the latest information on advances in organic agriculture which can be used by agroindustry people as well as agricultural engineers and with practical examples for farmers. It provides important information covering multidisciplinary approaches on environmental awareness, organic agricultural production as well as organic fertilizers. The chapters here are prepared by experts in the field who present and discuss the principles of a wide range of practical ideas with examples. This book also presents novel ideas and suggestions for future research in organic agricultural production. The topics included in this book are based on surveys together with literature reviews to enable the academic and industrial readers to evaluate what they see as specific to their own discipline. The chapters include a wide range of topics which will also make it easy to make comparisons between different disciplines.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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