Experiential Marketing in an Age of Hyper-Connectivity: Navigating the Customer Experience Journey
Nadia Pomirleanu, Editor, Babu John-Mariadoss, Editor, John Schibrowsky, Editor

This book will serve as a first-stop, academic resource for every scholar of experiential marketing, aspiring marketing and consumer behavior student, agency executive, professor, and experiential marketing practitioner. It is as rigorous as it is informative and can be used as an introductory reading for experiential marketing courses and seminars, and as a playbook for future research development in the experiential marketing domain. This book will help readers learn the state of customer experience and experiential marketing, understand the use of experiential marketing in specific contexts such as fashion or e-retail, and how to reach and expand a firm's customer base using experiential promotional products. It includes cutting-edge sensory marketing developments that can be used in a firm's customer experience strategy to create hedonic experiences. Overall, this book captures the essence of experiential marketing, the newest marketing paradigm.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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