Emerging Technologies for Innovation Management in the Software Industry
Varun Gupta, Chetna Gupta

Innovation is the key to maintain competitive advantage. Innovation in products, processes, and business models help companies to provide economic value to their customers. Identifying the innovative ideas, implementing those ideas, and absorbing them in the market requires investing many resources that could incur large costs. Technology encourages companies to foster innovation to remain competitive in the marketplace. Emerging Technologies for Innovation Management in the Software Industry serves as a resource for technology absorption in companies supporting innovation. It highlights the role of technology to assist software companies—especially small start-ups—to innovate their products, processes, and business models. This book provides the necessary guidelines of which tools to use and under what situations. Covering topics such as risk management, prioritization approaches, and digitally-enabled innovation processes, this premier reference source is an ideal resource for entrepreneurs, software developers, software managers, business leaders, engineers, students and faculty of higher education, researchers, and academicians.

Engineering Science Reference
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