Critical Reading and Writing in the 21st Century
Semin Kazazoğlu, Editor

The art of critical thinking has its roots in the 5th century. In the beginning, it was defined as a path to intellectuality. In other words, early scholars regarded wisdom as having the capacity to judge logically. Today, its meaning has also been expanded to creativity. Hence, within critical thinking, an individual may possess both purposeful questioning and creativity. Concerning these aspects, it has become prominent in the field of education. We need to change the way we teach pupils to think to prepare them for life in the 21st century. The process of inquiry is about training our students to apply critical thinking, investigation, and exploration abilities to all aspects of their lives, not simply presenting the curriculum in a new way.Accordingly, this book will instil in students and teachers a love of critical thinking and involve them actively in the critical learning and teaching experience through a comprehensive introduction to the relevant subject. It covers the major historical theories on critical thinking, provides a thorough exploration of critical thinking methods used in foreign language teaching, and presents analysis and suggestions of foreign language reading and writing activities based on critical thinking.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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