Handbook of Research on Algae As a Sustainable Solution for Food, Energy, and the Environment
Mostafa M. El-Sheekh, Norhayati Abdullah, Imran Ahmad

Today's planet faces several critical problems such as resource depletion, environmental destruction, and climate change that affect all areas of life as we know it. Figuring out how to address these issues and prioritizing Earth's health has been at the forefront of study as it is a key issue that affects us all. One element that requires further investigation is algae regarding its potential for creating a more sustainable future across the food, energy, and environmental sectors. The Handbook of Research on Algae as a Sustainable Solution for Food, Energy, and the Environment provides insight into the biotechnological and biorefinery aspects of algae together with their unique applications in the agriculture and pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, this book considers the biological and biotechnological processes happening in the cultivation and harvesting of algae, DNA sequencing, and genomics of algae. Moreover, it examines the bio-remediation aspects of algae and its utilization to produce biofuels, methane, hydrogen, and other useful renewable sources of energy, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability. Covering topics such as cell biology and food science, this reference work is ideal for academicians, researchers, industry professionals, scholars, practitioners, instructors, and students.

Engineering Science Reference
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