Increasing Supply Chain Performance in Digital Society
Ramona Diana Leon, Raul Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Juan-Jose Alfaro-Saiz

Currently, the main operations of companies are either directly or indirectly interconnected in a global-world context. Competition has drifted from an individual to a supply chain basis, where digitalization plays a key role. Companies with better digital capabilities achieve sustainable competitive market advantages. In this context, companies must identify their current position in terms of digital capabilities, link these capabilities to supply chain performance, define their future desired competitive position and how their digital capabilities are going to help them to get there, and forecast their future desired performance not only at the individual company but also at the supply chain level. Increasing Supply Chain Performance in Digital Society considers innovative approaches to measure, manage, and project towards the future of the digital capabilities of both individual companies and supply chains. It also examines the relations these have with performance being a practical tool to identify not only where they are today in terms of digital capabilities but also where they should be long term and the resources needed to get them there. Covering a range of topics such as artificial intelligence and risk management, this reference work is ideal for practitioners, researchers, scholars, business owners, industry professionals, academicians, instructors, and students.

Business Science Reference
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