Global and Transformative Approaches Toward Linguistic Diversity
Sarah E. DeCapua, Eda Başak Hancı-Azizoglu

A world of diversity brings along the necessity for multilingual perspectives. People must unite and understand each other more than ever before to overcome the challenges of miscommunication across borders. Today's educators aim to value linguistic diversity in their daily curriculums to encourage emotional intelligence and empathy for new generations to alter the world into a more civilized and peaceful setting. Global and Transformative Approaches Toward Linguistic Diversity discusses pedagogical approaches to including linguistic diversity in a classroom setting. This book also explores questions and critiques on linguistic diversity as well as themes and thematic questions. Covering topics such as grammatical diversity, multilingualism, and semantic transfer, it serves as an essential resource for pre-service teachers, policymakers, faculty and administration of both K-12 and higher education, TESOL scholars, multilingual writers, activists, linguists, educators, researchers, and academicians.

Information Science Reference
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