Cross-Industry Applications of Cyber Security Frameworks
Sukanta Kumar Baral, Richa Goel, Md Mashiur Rahman, Jahangir Sultan, Sarkar Jahan

Data is the most important commodity, which is why data protection has become a global priority. Data breaches and security flaws can jeopardize the global economy. Organizations face a greater risk of failing to achieve strategy and business goals as cyber threat behavior grows in frequency, sophistication, and destructiveness. A breach can result in data loss, business interruption, brand and reputation harm, as well as regulatory and legal consequences. A company needs a well-thought-out cybersecurity strategy to secure its critical infrastructure and information systems in order to overcome these challenges. Cross-Industry Applications of Cyber Security Frameworks provides an understanding of the specific, standards-based security controls that make up a best practice cybersecurity program. It is equipped with cross-industry applications of cybersecurity frameworks, best practices for common practices, and suggestions that may be highly relevant or appropriate in every case. Covering topics such as legal frameworks, cybersecurity in FinTech, and open banking, this premier reference source is an essential resource for executives, business leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, IT professionals, government officials, hospital administrators, educational administrators, privacy specialists, researchers, and academicians.

Information Science Reference
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