Metallurgy of Lightweighting
Fisher, D.J

The existential threat of global warming has triggered the need to reduce the energy consumption of vehicles. This can be achieved by reducing the weight of vehicles; a process known as lightweighting. The book reviews recent progress in this multifaceted discipline and discusses possible future developments. It references 214 original resources with their direct web links for in-depth reading. Keywords: Aluminum, Iron, Ductile Iron Castings, Magnesium Alloys, Nano-Composites, Steel, Titanium, Joining Dissimilar Materials, Batteries, Electric Vehicles, Body Torsioning, Castability, Drawability, Elasto-Viscoplastic Model, Electroplasticity, Embrittlement, Eutrophication, Extrudability, Front Crash Structure, Hall-Heroult Electrolysis, Hall-Petch Effect, Hot Extrusion, Hydroforming, Liftgate-Assembly, Lomer–Cottrell Lock, Machinability, Metamodel, Microballoon, Monocoque, Nano-Scale Spinodal, Nugget Debonding, Peening, Portevin–LeChatelier, Powerplant, Powertrain, Recrystallization Texture, Recyclability, Rheocasting, Rivetability, Self-Piercing Riveting, Solutionizing, Stiffness, Strain Hardening, Superplastic Forming, Taylor Polycrystal, Thixomolding, Weldability, Zener Effect, Zener Pinning.

Materials Research Forum LLC
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