Cases on Digital Strategies and Management Issues in Modern Organizations
José Duarte Santos

Business strategy is not an abstract concept; it is a type of work that is designed for complex theoretical conceptualization. While there are numerous sources exploring the theoretical ideas of strategy, very few demonstrate the real value of strategy tools, concepts, and models in practice. Cases on Digital Strategies and Management Issues in Modern Organizations is a pivotal reference source that provides original case studies designed to explore various strategic issues facing contemporary organizations, evaluate the usefulness of strategy tools and models, and examine how successful and failing companies have faced strategic issues with practical ideas and solutions. While highlighting topics such as business ethics, stakeholder analysis, and corporate governance, this publication demonstrates various ways that different models/tools can be applied in different types of companies for various purposes and from diverse perspectives. This book is ideally designed for managers, executives, managing directors, business strategists, industry professionals, students, researchers, and academicians seeking current research on key business framework strategies.

Business Science Reference
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