Food Safety Practices in the Restaurant Industry
Siti Nurhayati Khairatun, Ainul Zakiah Abu Bakar, Noor Azira Abdul Mutalib, Ungku Fatimah Ungku Zainal Abidin

In recent years, cases of food-borne illness have been on the rise and are creating a significant public health challenge worldwide. This situation poses a health risk to consumers and can cause economic loss to the food service industry. Identifying the current issues in food safety practices among the industry players is critical to bridge the gap between knowledge, practices, and regulation compliance. Food Safety Practices in the Restaurant Industry presents advanced research on food safety practices investigated within food service establishments as an effort to help the industry pinpoint risks and non-compliance relating to food safety practices and improve the practices in preventing food-borne illnesses from occurring. Covering a range of topics such as food packaging, safety audits, consumer awareness, and standard safety practices, it is ideal for food safety and service professionals, food scientists and technologists, policymakers, restaurant owners, academicians, researchers, teachers, and students.

Business Science Reference
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