Evaluating Trade and Economic Relations Between India and Southeast Asia
Anita Medhekar, Harpreet Kaur

Owing to a strong cultural and historical bond, India and Southeast Asia have progressed rapidly. Though there are political and ideological differences between these two entities, it may not hamper the strong bond as there are many common shared values among these nations. The history of these nations identifies that the cooperation between them in terms of trade and commerce is not upheld per the given potential of these nations. In the past, the Indian economy was linked with Southeast Asian countries under the “Look East” policy, which has been re-energized again under the present government. Now, the “Look East” policy is practically more vibrant than ever before with the motto “Act East.” This policy facilitates these countries in emphasizing the importance of better regional connectivity for tourism as well as robust trade and commerce. It leads to a phenomenal growth in terms of imports and exports for these countries. Evaluating Trade and Economic Relations Between India and Southeast Asia sheds light on the trade and economic linkages between India and Southeast Asia and their impact on the nations in the past, present, and for the future. The chapters study whether the win-win strategy works for the strengthening of these countries in terms of both trade relations and political integrity, as well as in facing common enemies across international boundaries. Some of the topics covered include food security, tourism opportunities, trade blocs, trade relations, and economic relations between countries. This book is a valuable reference tool for economists, government officials, policymakers, trade analysts, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students interested in the policies and relations between India and Southeast Asia that affect trade and the economy.

Business Science Reference
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