Cases on Virtual Reality Modeling in Healthcare
Yuk Ming Tang, Ho Ho Lun, Ka Yin Chau

Virtual reality (VR) provides immersive stereoscopic visualization of virtual environments, and the visualization effect and computer graphics are critical to enhancing the engagement of participants and achieving optimal education and training effectiveness. Constructing realistic 3D models and scenarios for a specific application of VR simulation is no easy task. There are many different tools for 3D modeling. However, many of the modeling tools are used for manufacturing and product design applications and have advanced features and functions which may not be applicable to different levels of users and various specializations. Cases on Virtual Reality Modeling in Healthcare introduces the use of Blender for VR 3D modeling, demonstrates healthcare applications, and examines potential uses in modeling, dressing, and animation in healthcare. Covering a range of topics such as cross reality, rehabilitation games, and augmented reality, this book is ideal for engineers, industry professionals, practitioners, researchers, academicians, instructors, and students.

Medical Information Science Reference
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