Moving Businesses Online and Embracing E-Commerce : Impact and Opportunities Caused by COVID-19
Tereza Semerádová, Petr Weinlich

The COVID-19 pandemic caused global shock to the entire economic system. As a result of the government restrictions, both production and distribution channels were interrupted. In this situation, however, it was possible to observe that some companies were able to adapt to these new conditions. The demand for the possibility of translating physical business into virtual increased. The COVID-19 restrictions showed that many entrepreneurs do not have enough knowledge about the available online tools and possibilities. Given that the digital transformation of business today often consists only of incorporating existing tools into existing processes, transition to e-commerce could be made easily and quickly. Moving Businesses Online and Embracing E-Commerce: Impact and Opportunities Caused by COVID-19 analyzes the impact of COVID-19-related restrictions on business models of enterprises affected most by these restrictions and examines transformational changes induced by the accelerated adoption of internet technologies and transition to e-commerce-based business models. Covering topics such as customer relationship management (CRM), small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and customer loyalty, this book serves as an essential resource for business owners, CEOs, managers, IT consultants, web developers, students, professors, entrepreneurs, researchers, industry professionals, and academicians.

Business Science Reference
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