Fundamentals of United States Intellectual Property Law : Copyright, Patent, and Trademark
Amanda Reid, Sean Tu, Jessica Kiser

Completely revised and updated, this seventh edition of a well-received desk reference offers in one volume a comprehensive review of United States (US) copyright, patent, and trademark laws. Like its previous editions, the book's thorough and sophisticated treatment of this complex material escapes the cumbersome overelaboration of a multivolume treatise on the one hand and a superficial “nutshell” on the other hand. Maintaining the systematic structure that makes it easy for users to zero in on any particular matter, the new edition incorporates the changes that have entered into force since the sixth edition and expertly examines their effects. The three major categories of copyright, patent, and trademark are covered in turn—along with a fourth part on chip protection—with detailed but concise examination and analysis of such issues and topics as the following and much more: subject matter of protection; conditions of protection; registration procedures; scope of exclusive rights; transfer of interests; fair use; rights in unregistered marks; protection of computer software, code, and databases; remedies and defenses; and procedural issues in infringement actions. The authors examine significant case law, updated for this edition, in the course of their analysis. With its detailed citations and readily accessible and complete subject coverage, this latest edition is sure to retain its usefulness as a quick reference or desk book for intellectual property practitioners, in-house counsel, patent agents, academics, and librarians, as well as for anyone interested in understanding US intellectual property law.

Kluwer Law International
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