The Emperor’s Nightmare : Saving American Democracy in the Age of Citizens United
Robert A. G. Monks

From angry shareholders to concerned chief executives, almost everyone knows at a gut level that the present political system is not working. This book finds the root cause to be poor corporate governance. In the prequel to this book, The Emperor's Nightingale, Robert A. G. Monks, one of the world's foremost shareholder activists, had warned corporations against putting short-profit ahead of long-term value for all stakeholders. Few listened – and the result was system-wide trauma that only bold solutions can heal. In The Emperor's Nightmare, his latest book, Monks reveals what can happen when corporate leadership abandons the common good to court and conquer a powerful elite. This insightful, honest, and direct portrayal of corporate governance and the surrounding political system will be of immense value to those interested in corporate governance – particularly shareholder and stakeholder advocates, and the true corporate leaders who serve them. In the end, better corporate governance means better democracy. This book shows the way.

De Gruyter
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