Advances in Computational Approaches in Biomechanics
Pritam Pain, Sreerup Banerjee, Goutam Kumar Bose

With the advent of digital computers and rapidly developing computational techniques, computer simulations are widely used as predictive tools to supplement experimental techniques in engineering and technology. Computational biomechanics is a field where the movements of biological systems are assessed in the light of computer algorithms describing solid and fluid mechanical principles. This rapidly developing field must be constantly studied and updated as it continues to expand. Advances in Computational Approaches in Biomechanics examines the current trends and applications of intelligent computational techniques used to analyze a multitude of phenomena in the field of biomechanics and elaborates a series of sophisticated techniques used for computer simulation in solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, and fluid-solid interface. Covering a range of topics such as injury prevention, element analysis, and soft tissues, this publication is ideal for industry professionals, practitioners, researchers, academicians, instructors, and students.

Engineering Science Reference
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