Rabbit Production
Steven D Lukefahr, James I McNitt, Peter Robert Cheeke, Nephi M Patton

Rabbits are versatile animals, farmed for their meat and fur, as laboratory animals, and also as pets. This well-established book continues to provide an overview of domesticated rabbit production, covering topics such as breeding, husbandry, feeding and health. Now in its fully updated tenth edition, it includes an expanded consideration of important issues such as animal welfare and sustainable methods of production. With chapters relating specifically to meat production, pet rabbits, rabbit shows, and angora wool production, this new edition: - Includes new information on the latest methods of artificial insemination, estrous synchronization, embryo transfer, cloning and molecular genetics; - Tackles globally prevalent health issues such as enteritis complex (EC) rabbit enterocolitis (REC), and viral hemorrhagic disease; - Reviews up-to-the-minute developments such as the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on food production, as well as new projects addressing poverty alleviation and food security. Providing updates on worldwide production trends, figures and new feed additive products, this book is an essential resource for anyone involved in rabbit production - from novice to experienced breeders, veterinarians and industry professionals.

CAB International
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