Sustainable & Responsible Investing 360° : Lessons Learned From World Class Investors
R. Scott Arnell

Discover why the world's leading Sustainable and Responsible investors choose to invest for good - while making market returns.Sustainable & Responsible Investing 360° is a compelling read for anyone interested in pursuing an investment strategy for positive social, environmental, and ethical impact – at market rate returns. With climate change, social justice, and political divisions at the forefront of today's headlines, the stories and tactics of Sustainable and Responsible Investing have become not only mainstream but exceptionally relevant to the next generation of investors.Recognizing the powerful impact that Sustainable and Responsible investing can have on these societal, economic, and environmental challenges, Scott Arnell has identified and connected with 26 of the world's leading Sustainable and Responsible Investment experts, engaging in comprehensive conversations to reveal their unique investment journeys, approaches, experiences, tips, strategies, and insights. Arnell's interviewees have more than 700 years of combined professional investment experience with trillions in assets under management. Somewhere along their professional journey, each made a personal and professional commitment to use investing as a proactive force for good. Now they reap not just financial rewards but gain profound satisfaction knowing that they are helping improve the world and the lives of those in it. “My goal in researching and writing this book,” Arnell explains, “was to reveal how these experts integrate non-financial criteria into their investment decisions to successfully achieve environmental and social impact in the world alongside market-rate financial returns. I also wanted readers to understand how the individual life voyages of these leading investors led them to commit to engaging exclusively in Sustainable and Responsible investing, hopefully inspiring others to reflect on their own investing philosophies.”

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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