Dealing with Econometrics: Real World Cases with Cross-Sectional Data
Jordi Ripollés, Author, Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso, Author, Maite Alguacil, Author

The book covers the basic statistical tools needed to analyse cross-sectional data in order to identify, quantify and evaluate possible socio-economic relationships. It contains both theoretical summaries and practical examples and exercises, some of which are solved using Excel or the Gretl software package. The exercises are mostly based on real-world data from Europe and Spain. The book also discusses basic methods, principles and practices of cross-sectional econometrics, considering simple and multiple regression analysis, statistical inference, the use of qualitative information in regression analysis and discrete choice models. In essence, it is a practical guide to the fundamentals of econometrics commonly taught in undergraduate courses in Business Administration, Finance and Accounting, and Economics in Europe.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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