Handbook of Research on Advanced Phytochemicals and Plant-Based Drug Discovery
Ajeet Singh

A great deal of interest has been generated recently in the isolation, characterization, and biological activity of phytochemicals. Phytochemicals have the potential to enhance pharmaceuticals and drug discovery. As such, there is an urgent need for current research in the global scope of phytochemicals including the chemical and physical characteristics, analytical procedures, biological activity, safety, and industrial applications. The Handbook of Research on Advanced Phytochemicals and Plant-Based Drug Discovery examines the applications of bioactive molecules from a health perspective, examining the pharmacological aspects of medicinal plants, the phytochemical and biological activities of different natural products, and ethnobotany and medicinal properties. Moreover, it presents a novel dietary approach for human disease management. Covering topics such as computer-aided drug design, government regulation, and medicinal plant taxonomy, this major reference work is beneficial to pharmacists, medical practitioners, phytologists, hospital administrators, government officials, faculty and students of higher education, librarians, researchers, and academicians.

Medical Information Science Reference
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