Entrepreneurship Education in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Satish Chandra Bagri, R.K. Dhodi, K.C. Junaid

Entrepreneurship education is a rapidly evolving field that is critical to the development of well-equipped and competent business leaders. The importance of training the future generation of managers and leaders cannot be overlooked as they play a vital role in ensuring the survival of various industries and companies. Entrepreneurship Education in Tourism and Hospitality Management provides an in-depth look at various cases of entrepreneurship education in the tourism and hospitality industries across the world as well as their recent changes and developments. This book also advances the literature in the field of entrepreneurship education by broadening the discussion on the recent trends and ongoing challenges to include perspectives on creating the next generation of tourism and hospitality entrepreneurs. Covering topics such as digital education and tourism sustainability, this reference work is ideal for administrators, academicians, policymakers, entrepreneurs, scholars, researchers, practitioners, instructors, and students.

Business Science Reference
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