Emerging Ecosystem-Centric Business Models for Sustainable Value Creation
Xenia Ziouvelou, Frank McGroarty

A hyperconnected, constantly evolving world has emerged. A world where people (internet of people), things (internet of things), and data (internet of data) are linked together, shaping the global economy while demanding new, innovative approaches for value creation. The era of hyper-connectivity is no longer characterized by centralized firm-centric business structures and traditional intra-firm and inter-firm processes. Open, distributed ecosystemic formations have started to emerge, utilizing cutting edge technologies to harness the collective power, co-creation ability, and intelligence of the crowd, the data, and the environment in an open participatory value co-creation mode. However, the question has become whether the frameworks, models, and tools that organizations use to create value will remain the same in the new business environment and within the organizations themselves. Existing literature on ecosystems, business models, and business model innovation are starting to examine these aspects. Emerging Ecosystem-Centric Business Models for Sustainable Value Creation explores emerging technology-enabled ecosystems and ecosystem-centric business models in theory and practice, from a business and technological perspective, and in a range of industrial settings, aiming to contribute to the existing knowledge of innovative technology-advanced ecosystems and business models, facilitating their design, implementation, and sustainable value creation. It examines the dynamics of this technology-powered revolution and how it is influencing the foundations of value creation and business modeling in novel ecosystemic formations across the HMD triangle: human, machine, and data. The target audience of this book is researchers and professionals in the fields of innovation, business, and strategy as well as computer science and information technology, along with managers, executives, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students interested in new ways to create value in emerging and future ecosystems via innovative ecosystem-centric business models and strategies.

Business Science Reference
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