New Governance and Management in Touristic Destinations
Marco Valeri

As competition is increasingly taking place on a global scale, tourist destinations must act more like businesses than they have in the past. Development in the tourism sector has often been beset by ambiguities and contradictions and has been the subject of debate across a range of disciplines in terms of its sustainability and level of social commitment. New Governance and Management in Touristic Destinations analyzes the most proper governance model to be implemented to increase the competitiveness of tourist destinations. It also focuses on the need to develop a managerial orientation capable of making the tourism system interact with tourism demand. Covering topics such as electronic word of mouth, gastronomic tourism, and sustainable development, this book is essential for practicing hospitality and tourism managers, professionals in the hospitality and tourism industry, specialists and consultants, government officials, researchers, educators, academicians, and students.

Business Science Reference
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