Heidegger and the Holy
Richard Capobianco, Richard Copabianco

The holy (Being-as-the-holy) is a distinctive theme in Heidegger's work that is perhaps well-known to readers, yet not attended to sufficiently in contemporary Heidegger studies. The essays in this volume, authored by an international group of scholars, offer readers an opportunity to consider the many dimensions and possibilities of the notion of “the holy” (das Heilige) in his thinking.The authors in this volume document the multiple texts and contexts of Heidegger's discussions of the holy, and they offer detailed readings and their own particular interpretations and applications. The chapters, taken together, make a significant contribution not only to Heidegger scholarship but also to our understanding of our fundamental human situation in relation to Being-as-the holy.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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