Beyond the Numbers : Budgeting for Museum Professionals
Kristine Zickuhr

Budgets can generate lively discussions, advance institutional priorities, and create a roadmap for the future. If you find this hard to believe, then this book is for you. All museum professionals can benefit from a greater understanding of budgets and financial management. Beyond the Numbers helps to make budgeting more approachable and is designed for individuals without a background in financial management. While the book is about budgeting, it contains very few spreadsheets or dry templates. Instead, it focuses on larger issues such as your relationship to money, the dynamic ways budgets can serve museums, and how budgeting connects (and often doesn't connect) to strategic planning. The writing style is easy and accessible, with a little humor along the way. The book will help you discover the connection between the museum work you love and the budget process that powers your institution's priorities. Many of the most critical issues we face in the museum field, such as pay inequity, public accessibility, and a lack of funding, are related to budget management. By taking more responsibility and a greater interest in resource management, we all can play a larger role in the direction of our institutions and communities. If you've ever felt like you were on the outside looking in because you couldn't follow a budget discussion or didn't know how financial decisions were made, this book will give you the tools to begin to claim your seat at the table. It will provide concrete steps to increase your financial literacy and confidence with budget management.

American Alliance Of Museums
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