Spatial Readings and Linguistic Landscapes
Alina Bako, Editor

Talking about space in literature and linguistics is a major challenge, not only for experts in the field of the humanities, but also for the broader public, searching for orientation clues on the vast book market. This volume offers a selection of studies which, even though reliant on shared instruments, apply these to different geographical spaces, uniting along an imaginary axis the East and the West, advancing challenging, serious and innovative analyses of prose, dramatic and film texts, belonging to literatures from various countries, but also references to the phenomenon of migration seen through the lens of spatial correspondence or the existence of a “third space” dimension in the field of teaching foreign languages. The journey the impassioned reader will undertake through this volume will undoubtedly offer both the pleasure of reading itself, and incursions into complementary cultures, an endeavour completed by the unique mechanism of a spatiality which produces knowledge. Any reading engaged in through the lens of space implicitly becomes a form of owning and assuming the latter.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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