An Atypical ASP.NET Core 6 Design Patterns Guide : A SOLID Adventure Into Architectural Principles and Design Patterns Using .NET 6 and C# 10
Carl-Hugo Marcotte, Abdelhamid Zebdi

The professional developer's essential guide to building robust, maintainable, and flexible web apps by leveraging C# 10 and.NET 6 features and component- and application-scale design patternsKey FeaturesApply the SOLID architectural principles and software design patterns effectively with a focus on dependency injectionDiscover modern application architectures such as vertical slice, clean architecture, and event-driven microservicesExplore full-stack ASP.NET Core with an overview of BlazorBook DescriptionAn Atypical ASP.NET Core 6 Design Patterns Guide, Second Edition approaches programming like playing with LEGO®: snapping small pieces together to create something beautiful. Thoroughly updated for ASP.NET Core 6, with further coverage of microservices patterns, data contracts, and event-driven architecture, this book gives you the tools to build and glue reliable components together to improve your programmatic masterpieces.The chapters are organized based on scale and topic, allowing you to start small and build on a strong base, the same way that you would develop a program. You will begin by exploring basic design patterns, SOLID architectural principles, dependency injection, and other ASP.NET Core 6 mechanisms. You will explore component-scale patterns, and then move to higher level application-scale patterns and techniques to better structure your applications. Finally, you'll advance to the client side to connect the dots with tools like Blazor and make ASP.NET Core a viable full-stack web development framework.You will supplement your learning with practical use cases and best practices, exploring a range of significant Gang of Four (GoF) design patterns along the way. By the end of the book, you will be comfortable combining and implementing patterns in different ways, and crafting software solutions of any scale.What you will learnApply the SOLID principles for building flexible and maintainable softwareGet to grasp.NET dependency InjectionWork with GoF design patterns such as strategy, decorator, facade, and compositeExplore the MVC patterns for designing web APIs and web applications using RazorDiscover layering techniques and tenets of clean architectureBecome familiar with CQRS and vertical slice architecture as an alternate to layeringUnderstand microservices and when they can benefit your applicationsBuild an ASP.NET user interfaces from server-side to client-side BlazorWho this book is forThe book is intended for intermediate software and web developers with an understanding of.NET who want to write flexible, maintainable, and robust code for building scalable web applications. Knowledge of C# programming and an understanding of web concepts like HTTP is necessary.

Packt Publishing
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