Handbook of Research on Healthcare Standards, Policies, and Reform
Ubaldo Comite

The healthcare industry has been the center of attention recently as it continues to have a major impact on private and public organizations, government institutions, and consumers. An increasing number of requests for healthcare has led to the implementation of new policies and reform proposals that are challenging as they can have a simultaneous impact on different categories of users. As many health, individual, and organizational activities continue to grow and are conducted in the general environment, new vulnerabilities have emerged that have led to the need to study the system from a different angle. The nature, source, and complexity of healthcare is not always clear, and many times health issues are underestimated. The Handbook of Research on Healthcare Standards, Policies, and Reform examines the complex issues, various problems, and innovative solutions that are linked to healthcare standards, policies, and reform. This comprehensive reference work provides important knowledge that impacts healthcare improvement from the perspective of multiple disciplines, adding innovation value to solving health issues. Covering topics such as health protection, psychological health, and healthcare technology, it is an essential resource for academicians, healthcare practitioners, researchers, healthcare scientists, professional bodies, professors and students of higher education, and policymakers.

Medical Information Science Reference
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