Research Anthology on Ecosystem Conservation and Preserving Biodiversity
Information Resources Management Association

In today's rapidly evolving world, it has never been more critical to consider key environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, and endangered species. Society faces an unknown future where the fate of the environment is continuously in flux based on current preservation initiatives that governments develop. In order to ensure the world is protected moving forward, further study on the importance of securing environments, ecosystems, and species is necessary to successfully implement change. The Research Anthology on Ecosystem Conservation and Preserving Biodiversity considers the best practices and strategies for protecting our current ecosystems as well as the potential ramifications of failing to implement policies. Society is at a crossroads where if we continue to ignore the danger and warning signs brought about by environmental issues, we will be unable to maintain a healthy environment. Covering essential topics such as extinction, climate change, and pollution, this major reference work is ideal for scientists, industry professionals, researchers, academicians, policymakers, scholars, practitioners, instructors, and students.

Engineering Science Reference
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