Research Anthology on Applied Linguistics and Language Practices
Information Resources Management Association

Whether through speech, writing, or other methods, language and communication has been an essential tool for human cooperation and development. Across the world, language varies drastically based on culture and disposition. Even in areas in which the language is standardized, it is common to have many varieties of dialects. It is essential to understand applied linguistics and language practices to create equitable spaces for all dialects and languages. The Research Anthology on Applied Linguistics and Language Practices discusses in-depth the current global research on linguistics from the development of language to the practices in language acquisition. It further discusses the social factors behind language and dialect as well as cultural identity found behind unique traits in language and dialect. Covering topics such as linguistic equity, phonology, and sociolinguistics, this major reference work is an indispensable resource for linguists, pre-service teachers, libraries, students and educators of higher education, educational administration, ESL organizations, government officials, researchers, and academicians.

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