Simulation and Game-Based Learning for the Health Professions
Rachel Umoren

Simulation and gaming are emerging as useful tools in the field of education. Health professional schools around the world have been expanding their use of simulation; however, there are few resources for health educators that highlight the advances in the field. Additionally, the use of simulation in low-resource settings is an area of growing interest globally, as is the sustainability of simulation-based education. Further study is required to fully understand this dynamic technology. Simulation and Game-Based Learning for the Health Professions focuses on simulation-based education for the health professions and the role of school-business-community collaboration to promote the translation of simulation skills to clinical and public health practice. The book also provides guidance for educators organizing simulations for interprofessional learners in high and low resource settings as well as tools for in-person and remote evaluation of simulation performance using telesimulation. Covering topics such as gaming, augmented reality, and clinical practice, this reference work is ideal for medical professionals, nurses, health educators, researchers, academicians, scholars, practitioners, instructors, and students.

Medical Information Science Reference
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