Developing Relationships, Personalization, and Data Herald in Marketing 5.0
Jasmine Kaur, Priya Jindal, Amandeep Singh

Within the past decade, marketing has experienced three major challenges: generation gap, prosperity polarization, and digital divide. The disconnect between older corporate executives and their younger managers and customers has proven to be a significant challenge. Digitalization brings fear of the unknown with the threats of job loss and privacy concerns. However, it also brings the promise of exponential growth and better living for humanity. Businesses must break the divide to ensure that technological advancement will move forward and not be welcomed with resentment. Developing Relationships, Personalization, and Data Herald in Marketing 5.0 contrasts the advantages and disadvantages of modern marketing over traditional marketing and focuses on identifying how companies and society can be benefited by the technological advancement of marketing. Covering topics such as customer engagement, neuromarketing, and review rating prediction, this premier reference source is an essential resource for business leaders, marketing professionals, students and educators of higher education, university libraries, researchers, and academicians.

Business Science Reference
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