Cases on Emerging Market Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Raj K. Kovid, Vikas Kumar

The COVID-19 pandemic was an extreme exogenous shock that had an adverse impact on every facet of human lives, including business. However, the pandemic has also provided an opportunity for companies to alter their business models by adopting digitalization, innovative customer interfaces, and innovative cost and revenue structures. In order to continue not only surviving but thriving through the effects of the pandemic, businesses will have to further improve and realign their models to engage clients, reskill their workforce, and advance the use of supportive technologies. Cases on Emerging Market Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic provides a set of case studies on corporate and functional strategies adopted by firms irrespective of their industry, ownership type, or size. It highlights the innovative approaches of dealing with crises to survive and sustain the performances that better suit the unique requirements of the pandemic. Covering topics such as crisis management, innovative management strategy, and social entrepreneurship, this book is an essential resource for business leaders, government organizations, hospital administration, educational administration, computer scientists, researchers, and academicians.

Business Science Reference
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