Driving Factors for Venture Creation and Success in Agricultural Entrepreneurship
Mohd Yasir Arafat, Imran Saleem, Jabir Ali, Adil Khan, Hamad Hussain Balhareth

The literature on entrepreneurship research has generally ignored the agricultural sector. Few entrepreneurship scholars who are mostly agricultural economists and rural sociologists have contributed in parallel with an isolated body of work without much integration and a larger research agenda. Most of the work in agriculture entrepreneurship focuses on the traditional operations of the sector but lacks the theoretical framework required for a broader conceptual understanding of entrepreneurship in the agriculture sector. There is not much alliance between these two parallel research streams. Theoretical and methodological differences have constrained the interdisciplinary collaboration. Driving Factors for Venture Creation and Success in Agricultural Entrepreneurship assesses the main themes of agripreneurship, discusses important contextual aspects of the agriculture sector to enhance the understanding of entrepreneurship, and highlights how the key contextual dimensions of the agricultural sector can elucidate some of the less understood aspects of entrepreneurship theory and practice. Covering topics such as agribusiness and farm entrepreneurship, it is ideal for entrepreneurs, agriculturalists, professionals, researchers, students, academicians, and policymakers working in the field of entrepreneurship in various disciplines: management, education, agriculture education, sociology, economics, psychology, and technology.

Business Science Reference
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