Interim Measures in International Commercial Arbitration : A Comparative Review of the Indian Experience
Ajar Rab

Interim measures by courts as well as tribunals are often critical to succeed in arbitration proceedings and to effectively safeguard the rights of parties pending the final adjudication of their dispute. This important book comprises a comprehensive review of interim measures in international commercial arbitration granted by courts and tribunals across jurisdictions that have adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law to critically assess the practical fault lines in the Indian arbitration regime. The book provides an in-depth analysis of the following: all reported judgments of the Indian Supreme Court and the High Courts from 1993 to 2022 on issues concerning interim measures; practical application of the UNCITRAL Model Law (and the revisions in 2006) by national arbitration statutes of over 80 jurisdictions with respect to interim measures; comparative practice and jurisprudence on interim measures in international commercial arbitration; rules of major arbitral institutions on the power and scope of interim measures granted by tribunals; detailed analysis of different types of interim measures, including anti-suit, anti-arbitration injunctions, security for costs, and interim measures in aid of foreign-seated arbitrations, the standards to be applied, and the burden of proof to be demonstrated for each type of measure; and issues of enforcement of interim measures in domestic, international, and foreign seated arbitrations. The current position of law in India and the problems plaguing the country's Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 (IAA), as amended in 2015 with respect to interim measures, are brought into direct comparison with other Model Law jurisdictions, offering an analysis of case laws, practical insights and cogent suggestions based on best practices that can be adopted by parties and tribunals. The Appendices provide a detailed list of statutory provisions of countries that have adopted the Model Law along with rules of major arbitral institutions on interim measures. The author not only describes the current position of law in India and other Model Law jurisdictions on interim measures but also reveals a comprehensive understanding of the requests for interim measures, and their enforcement in domestic, international, and foreign seated arbitrations. This book engages in a comprehensive and clear discussion on the fine line between court assistance and court intervention, especially in the case of interim measures and suggests draft provisions that India and other jurisdictions can adopt in order to align with the 2006 revisions to the Model Law to foster certainty, predictability, and efficiency in case of interim measures in international commercial arbitration.

Kluwer Law International
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