The Singapore Convention on Mediation : A Commentary
Nadja Alexander, Shouyu Chong, Vakhtang Giorgadze

The Singapore Convention on Mediation is just beginning its life as an international legal instrument. How is it likely to fare? In the second edition of this comprehensive, article-by-article commentary, the authors provide a robust report on the features of the Convention and their implications, with an analysis of potential controversies and authoritative clarifications of particular provisions. The book's meticulous examination considers these issues and topics: international mediated settlement agreements as a new type of legal instrument in international law; types of settlement agreements that fall within the scope of the Convention; how the Convention's enforcement mechanism works; the meaning of ‘international'and the absence of a seat of mediation; the Convention's approach to recognition and enforcement of international mediated settlement agreements; the grounds for refusal to grant relief under the Convention; mediator misconduct as a ground for refusal to grant relief;

Kluwer Law International
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