Collective Processes : Counterpractices in European Architecture
Natalie Donat-Cattin

What does a collective process in architecture entail and how does it influence the planning of our built environment? Although the hierarchically organized office with its claim to individual authorship is still the dominant form of architecture firm, more and more horizontally organized collectives with alternative approaches to architectural planning are emerging. In this insightful survey of renowned European collectives, Natalie Donat-Cattin offers an overview of their working methods, organizational forms, goals, and projects. The book includes statements and projects by: A-A Collective, (ab)Normal, Assemble, baukuh, CNCRT, Colectivo Warehouse, Collectif Etc, constructLab, false mirror office, Fosbury Architecture, la–clique, Lacol, n'UNDO, orizzontale, raumlabor, X=(T=E=N), and Zuloark. First comprehensive analysis of collectives in architecture and urban planning Highly topical subject: project development as a collective process Insightful introduction of 16 well-known architectural collectives in Europe

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