Organizational Learning in Tourism and Hospitality Crisis Management
Zahed Ghaderi, Alexandros Paraskevas

Tourism and hospitality organizations have always been exposed to disruptions, stresses, and crises, making the management of these adversities a necessary skill. The prolonged and complex turbulence that the industry is often facing from epidemics and pandemics, climate change and extreme environmental phenomena, or political instability and economic crashes, raise questions: Do these organizations learn from the crises they experience? If so, how do they learn, and what do they do with this learning? Organizational Learning in Tourism and Hospitality Crisis Management brings together an array of expert academic analyses of the latest thinking and practice on these questions. Drawing on studies conducted around the world including Greece, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, UK, and USA, the contributors apply a wide range of organizational learning and knowledge management theoretical perspectives and concepts to offer new insights into crisis-induced learning in a tourism and hospitality context. The book will be an excellent resource for scholars and students as well as managers of tourism and hospitality organizations, tourism policymakers, and government officials who are involved in tourism destination management.

De Gruyter
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