Democratizing Innovation in Organizations : How to Unleash the Power of Collaboration
Philippe Davidson

Managers often isolate their innovation teams, but wouldn't it be better to engage all the workers in innovation? This book describes a framework that makes innovation a daily consideration for all. It involves allowing a knowledge network to develop naturally which complements the existing organizational structure making it more organic. It fosters more extensive collaboration amongst workers to produce more imaginative solutions that maximize value. The workers are encouraged to consult one another spontaneously across their organization and beyond its traditional boundaries. Insightful and constructive exchanges stimulate their thinking making them creative partners. Unsuspected capabilities, ideas and value are revealed. Philippe Davidson describes creative deliberation techniques designed to maximize stakeholder value. The framework also makes organizations nimbler and more resilient to market changes. They become more sustainable in ever-changing conditions because learning and change become the norm. Innovation champions will find powerful arguments for introducing democratized innovation in their organizations. A wealth of practical techniques and handy tips for participative work-based training will help organizational trainers and facilitators to democratize innovation. Management consultants will find invaluable insights to advise their clients on innovation. Your workers are your organization's best agents of change - unleash their natural creativity!

De Gruyter
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