Customizing ASP.NET Core 6.0 : Learn to Turn the Right Screws to Optimize ASP.NET Core Applications for Better Performance
Jurgen Gutsch, Damien Bowden, Ed Price

Explore hidden behaviors and customization techniques to help you get the most out of ASP.NET Core for building web applicationsKey FeaturesSecond edition updated and enhanced to cover the latest.NET 6 features and changesLearn expert techniques to implement authentication and authorization for securing your web appsDiscover best practices for configuring ASP.NET Core, from user interface design to hosting it on platformsBook DescriptionASP.NET Core comes packed full of hidden features for building sophisticated web applications. You'd be missing out on a lot of its capabilities by not customizing it to work for your applications. With Customizing ASP.NET Core 6.0, you'll discover techniques to help you get the most out of the framework to deliver robust applications.In this updated second edition, you'll cover the latest features and changes in the.NET 6 LTS version. You'll find new insights and customization techniques for important topics such as authentication and authorization. The book will also show you how to work with caches and change the default behavior of ASP.NET Core apps. You'll learn essential concepts relating to optimizing the framework, such as configuration, dependency injection, routing, action filters, and more. As you progress, you'll be able to create custom solutions that meet the needs of your use case with ASP.NET Core. Later chapters will cover expert techniques and best practices for using the framework for your app development needs, from UI design to hosting. Finally, you'll focus on the new endpoint routing in ASP.NET Core to build custom endpoints and add third-party endpoints to your web apps for processing requests faster.By the end of this book, you'll be able to customize ASP.NET Core to develop robust optimized apps.What you will learnExplore various application configurations and providers in ASP.NET Core 6Enable and work with caches to improve the performance of your applicationUnderstand dependency injection in.NET and learn how to add third-party DI containersDiscover the concept of middleware and write your middleware for ASP.NET Core appsCreate various API output formats in your API-driven projectsGet familiar with different hosting models for your ASP.NET Core appWho this book is forThis.NET 6 book is for.NET developers who need to change the default behaviors of the framework to help improve the performance of their applications. Intermediate-level knowledge of ASP.NET Core and C# is required before getting started with the book.

Packt Publishing
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