Modern Trends in Manufacturing Technologies and Equipment
Roshchupkin, S.

The book presents the proceedings of the International Conference on Modern Trends in Manufacturing Technologies and Equipment (ICMTME 2021), held in September 2021 in Sevastopol, Russia. The conference participants came from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Germany, USA, Bulgaria, Poland, China, Algeria, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Vietnam. The aim of the conference was to provide scientists and industrial researchers with the latest developments in manufacturing technologies, materials research, manufacturing equipment and tools, and to build up partnerships for future collaboration. Keywords: Welded Joints, Dry Building Mixtures, Tribological Properties of Sapphire, Direct Metal Deposition Modes, Production of Artificial Concrete, Wooden Structures, Rolls for Helical Rolling, Laser Treatments, Electromechanical Surfacing, Luminous Phosphate Coatings, Ventilated Brake Discs, Cutting Zone, Models for Wind Tunnels, Gas-Thermal Spraying, Water-Abrasive Cutting, Grinding Forces, CVD Coatings, Carbonate Concrete, Photocatalytic Activity of Tungsten Oxide, Maraging Steel, Corrosion of TiNi Alloy, 3D Printing, Production of Ultramarine, Injection Molding, Elastomeric Composites, Reinforcing Bars Inside Concrete Structures, Coatings for Cutting Tools, Hard Alloy Tools, Deformation of Elastic Polymer, Wearproof Composite Coatings. Rubber with Sensory Properties, Foamed Phosphate Glass for Oil Sorbents, Welded Trunk Pipelines, Biodegradable Extrusion Films, Asphalt Concrete, Mathematical Models, Electrically Conductive Materials, Belt Rotary Grinding of Aluminium Alloy Blanks.

Materials Research Forum LLC
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