Jorge B Retamales, James F Hancock

This new and updated edition of a highly successful practical book covers major topics of interest to blueberry breeders and researchers including: breeding, varieties, botany, physiology, nutrition, growth regulation, cultivation methods and practices, photosynthesis, plant interaction with the environment, weeds, pests, diseases and postharvest management. The focus is on the highbush blueberry, though information on other blueberries and related species is also provided. Blueberries are cultivated worldwide and this book explores plantings in a great diversity of environments, reflecting on the development of innovative cultural practices and conditions. It examines the increased scope and depth of research activities related to this crop and brings together the current status of knowledge on blueberry science and management. Explaining in an understandable manner the basic science behind the growth and development of blueberries, their botanical characteristics, as well as the implications and effects of various management practices and environmental conditions, Blueberries 2nd Edition also: - Highlights emerging genetic information on the blueberry. - Includes new information on pruning, grafting and irrigation. - Covers current and potential uses of plant growth regulators. - Gathers new information on fruit quality and consumer acceptance. This definitive guide to blueberry cultivation is an essential resource for soft fruit researchers, extension workers, academics, breeders, growers and students.

CAB International
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