E-Commerce Law in China : The Functioning of E-Commerce in China and the Influence of the EU Model
Cristiano Rizzi

This first book of its kind examines the framework regulating online sales, protection of personal data and intellectual property, use of e-money, e-marketing, and Internet security as they currently exist in China's “market space”. The book's very useful information includes such items as the following: detailed comparisons with European e-commerce regulation; business models for operating a website in China; Chinese rules on online purchase contracts, privacy, and data security; downloading and distributing software and other material; protection against copyright infringements and computer fraud; issues of jurisdiction and governing law; advertising and “spam”; use of “cookies” in online marketing; taxation of e-commerce; existing gateways for online payment; effect of the expansion of the so-called social forums; understanding Chinese online consumers and their behavior; importance of Chinese culture and heritage when applying copyright on the Internet; and progress towards a freer and more secure cyberspace in China. An appendix presents English texts of essential Chinese legislation affecting e-commerce. As a full-fledged definition of this new channel of distribution, its boundaries and functioning, with a particular focus on China, this book is an indispensable source of guidance and reference for counsel representing global marketers at any level of business. Its importance for scholars and researchers in the critical field of data security goes without saying. However, this book is also a guide for all the enterprises wishing to do business in the online dimension in China, and for all the consumers shopping online, wishing to know what their rights are when buying products or services on the Internet, and to know how to protect themselves if something goes wrong.

Kluwer Law International
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