Teaching Translation and Interpreting : Advances and Perspectives
Deckert, MikoŁaj, Bogucki, Łukasz

Translation is a phenomenon that affects us all on a daily basis, the more so now that dissemination of information is greatly enhanced by modern technology. However, there are no strict regulations on who can become a translator and what qualifications are required. The contributors to this volume strive to find out whether translators are taught, self-taught or trained, what the teaching or training programmes are like and how they can be improved.This is a companion volume to Teaching Translation and Interpreting: Challenges and Practices (edited by Łukasz Bogucki, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010). It contains papers delivered at two international conferences devoted to teaching translation and interpreting, organised in Łódź, Poland, as well as invited contributions. The authors are translation and interpreting scholars and teachers from leading Polish and Ukrainian universities.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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